Sunday, 31 March 2013

Letter to Sajid Khan

Dear Sajid,

At the very outset let me clarify that I have not yet seen Himmatwala, nor do I ever intend to. It would take a lot more himmat than I could possibly muster to sit through your movies.

Yes I know you don't care about critics and that box office returns are all that you're concerned about. Your movies have raked in crores of rupees so far. But then so do gutkha and bidis. Using you argument, do I take it that gutkha/ beedi makers should only bother about their returns?  If their products damage the user's health, your movies are doing much worse.

Your films, in your own words, appeal to kids between the age of five to ten. Racist jokes on the complexion of an african child in Housefull, a man talking to a woman about nipples in Hey Baby, letching heroes in Housefull 2, or an attempted rape in Himmatwala- is that what you consider appropriate for tiny tots? Is that what you want your sister's kids to see? What's the message you're trying to give to kids at the most impressionable period of their lives? That racism/ letching is cool?

You claim that life doesn't immitate art. Does it mean that everything goes and that a film maker has no responsibility to society? So what can we expect from you next? Jokes on rape? Child labour? Farmer suicides? How about a joke or two on human trafficking? After all, it may rake in another hundred crores!

By the way, what made you believe that cringeworthy and third rate 80s movies are what the audiences wanted? Really Sajid, you seem to have lost the pulse of the audience. I won't be surprised if you next announce a remake/ re-writing of Gunda. Rape, obscene dialogues, sexual innuendo, misogyny- it has all the elements you've shown in your movies so far. That would make for wholesome family entertainment, wouldn't it?

P.S: I hear that the movie has been officially declared a flop since I wrote this letter two days ago. Do I need say anything more?

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