Sunday, 24 April 2016

Open Letter to Kanhaiya Kumar

Dear Kanhaiyaji,

It was with no little amusement that I read about your supposed altercation in the flight earlier today. Having claimed that a co-passenger on the flight to Pune attempted to strangle you, you went on to allege that he is a BJP supporter. Not content with that, you went on to express your dissatisfaction with the manner in which Jet Airways handled the situation.

Unfortunately for you, preliminary investigations reveal that there was a scuffle between you and the accused Manas Deka. The police version suggests that the scuffle was magnified into an attempt at strangulation. Not only that, it appears that you refused to file a police complaint, despite repeated requests to do so. If there's any truth in these statements (and there's little reason to doubt that they are true), you appear in pretty poor light.

Personally, I find it increasingly difficult to take you seriously. After all, you are the same person who claims that the present government is attempting to stifle dissent, never mind the fact that you freely move around the country and denounce that very government repeatedly on public fora. Ironies seldom came thicker. I would love to ask you whether you would have had the guts to denounce the government of the day had you been living in a communist country like the Soviet Union or China.

Kanhaiya Kumar

I would also like to know where a student living on a government scholarship, who claims that his family survives on Rs. 3,000 a month, gets the money to go flying across the country the way you do. I assuredly had to think twice before doing so at your age- and I had been a working professional for several years then.

If you are indeed concerned about the poor and downtrodden, I would really like to ask you how you intend to improve their lives. We have seen what three decades of communism did for West Bengal. I sure hope that the poor and downtrodden get a better deal than that.

Lest I too get branded as a 'sanghi', let me clarify that I have absolutely no problem if you intend to become a politician. Just stop claiming that you are only an activist and be honest enough to admit your political ambitions. Frankly, your claims that you intend to become a professor is as credible as Robert Vadra claiming to be a farmer.


A non-sanghi, secular and tolerant Indian.